Spread the annual cost of your oil consumption!

Budget Plan


The budget plan is an option adapted to your lifestyle, to make your life easier. It is the spreading of the annual cost of your oil consumption in 8 or 10 equal instalments without interest. With this service, you are part of the automatic delivery system.**


Planning: no more surprises, your heating costs are spread into eight (8) or ten (10) equal payments, without interest.

Effectiveness: the automatic deduction of a fixed amount from your bank account to save you from travelling and postal expenses, while allowing you to budget better.

Security: if you’re away, your deliveries will continue normally with the automatic delivery service.



In addition to oil, you can include protection in your budget plan for your heating system, including the annual maintenance, repair and replacement of most parts, as well as finance the purchase of heating and air conditioning equipment.

You can pay with direct debit, by credit card or by post-dated cheques.

Download «PPA BUDGET PLAN» .pdf

Subject to the approval of the credit department.
**Please note that the budget plan adhesion period ends on August 31 of each year.