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The purchase of propane gas tank incurs additional costs for maintenance, periodic inspections, repairs and requalifications. Furthermore, as the owner of your tank you must also inform your insurer about it and ensure its compliance with the regulations governing this type of equipment.

At Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, we offer full rental service for propane gas tanks for residential purposes. In this way, you are relieved of the responsibilities and enjoy a high-quality propane tank at a great price and with peace of mind.


When installing a propane tank, we ensure that the regulatory clearance distances are respected:

  • 1 metre from a building opening (door, window, air outlet, etc.);
  • 3 metres from an electricity meter;
  • 3 meters away from an ignition source (air conditioning, heat pump, electrical outlet, etc.).

Each tank is installed on a solid, levelled and waterproof base and rests on a stable surface. In addition, when refilling, we expect a maximum distance of 30 metres between the tank and the fuel truck.

At Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, our experts are recognized for the quality of their work, the speed of their intervention and their professionalism.

Contact us to learn more about our residential propane gas tank rental service and the different tank sizes available, or to learn about all our products and services.