Propane gas delivery in the Laurentians

To better respond to the our clients’ needs, Pétrole & Propane Bélanger is now offering propane gas delivery in the Laurentians, Lanaudière and the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area. Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can count on Pétrole & Propane Bélanger to supply you with propane and provide you with service that’s quick, efficient and reliable, no matter where you live.

camion de livraison de propane Bélanger

A family business since 1959

In fact, Pétrole & Propane Bélanger has been delivering fuel oil for more than 60 years. Over time, our reputable family-owned-and-operated business has expanded the services it offers to include the delivery of propane gas and other petroleum products. As a result, our independent, Quebec-based company travels the roads of the Laurentians and a vast swath of Quebec in order to provide our clients with high-quality high-performance energy solutions, prompt deliveries and the best prices in the market.

Sectors and cities served

Pétrole & Propane Bélanger offers you the delivery of propane gas—in addition to all of its other services—in the South Shore area, Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière, Outaouais, the North Shore area and the Laurentians, including the principal cities listed below:

  • Amherst
  • Blainville
  • Brébeuf
  • Ivry-sur-le-Lac
  • La Conception
  • La Minerve
  • Labelle
  • Mirabel
  • Montcalm
  • Mont-Tremblant
  • Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré
  • Saint-Jérôme
  • Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
  • Saint-Eustache
  • Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides
  • Sainte-Thérèse
  • Val-Morin
  • Val-David

Propane gas: a clean, versatile source of energy

Propane is a light hydrocarbon (a compound made up of hydrogen and carbon). The product is obtained by means of raw petroleum refining operations or through the procedures used to extract natural gas and other associated gasses. This liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is colorless, odorless and non-toxic. It’s a clean-burning source of energy that doesn’t emit fumes, particulate matter, greenhouse gasses or other types of pollution. Under normal conditions, propane exists in gas form; however, it’s stored and transported in liquid form under high pressure in tanks or bottles

Propane gas is also practical and versatile, as it can be used either inside (for heating, hot water, cooking, etc.) or outside (for barbecues, pools, backup generators, etc.) of your home or facility. What’s more, it’s economical, offering excellent energy efficiency.

Discover our other propane-related services

To meet your needs and make your life easier, Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, as an experienced supplier of propane gas, offers a number of other services, including the following:

  • Tank rentals
    At Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, to ensure your peace of mind and prevent you from the inconveniences of owning a tank, we offer full leasing services for propane gas tanks of various formats. As a result, you’ll benefit from a superior-quality tank installed on a base that’s solid, stable, level and impermeable—all at a great price based on your usage.

  • Conversions
    Would you like to convert to propane gas? If you own a company in the commercial or agricultural sector or a home that currently uses heating oil, electricity or wood for energy, nothing could be simpler than switching to propane! By opting for propane, you’ll get a source of energy that’s efficient, consistent and ecological. Because it’s important to us to offer you high-quality professional service, we perform custom installations and hookups, while observing the strictest safety regulations in the industry. Make the conversion to propane today with the experts at Pétrole & Propane Bélanger!

  • Maintenance and repairs
    Whether for periodic inspections, repairs or maintenance of your propane tank, heating system or air conditioner, we recommend duly licensed experts in their field, who have all the necessary qualifications to perform the work you need done.

See what some of our clients have to say about the propane gas delivery services they’ve received in the Laurentians

Excellent customer service!

« I placed an order online in the morning, 10 minutes later, I received a confirmation email, and around noon, the truck came to refill our tank!

It was like a breath of fresh air after our experience with Trevi! »
– Alex Paterau

Exemplary service

« Changing the valve on the tank.
Punctual, fast and professional. »

– Guy Herve Tchatat