Opt for propane, the smart choice!

Are you thinking about switching to propane, but you’re still not 100 percent sure? Here are a few facts that will help convince you.

système de chauffage au propane

Converting to propane

Propane gas, an attractive alternative

First of all, you should know that propane is clean energy; it’s non-toxic and it has a much smaller ecological footprint than wood. Are you heating with wood and completely fed up with stacking cords and going outside in the freezing cold to get more logs? With propane, all you have to do is turn on your heating system and you’re set!

Say goodbye to the whims of electricity

When you choose to convert your electric heating system to propane, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that, if there’s a blackout, you’ll still be warm. But that’s not the only advantage.

  • Versatility: Propane can be used not only for heating but also for barbecues, generators and more.
  • Savings: Propane appliances offer energy efficiency superior to that of electrical appliances. They last longer, too. What’s more, propane is available at highly competitive prices and it’s quick and easy to transport. All of these factors work together to help homeowners save a bundle on their energy bills.
  • Dependability: Thanks to a gauge and our automatic delivery service, you’re assured of never running out of propane. Every delivery is carefully planned according to your needs and your energy consumption.

branchement de cuisinière alimentée au gaz propane

Hooking up propane appliances

Did you recently purchase propane appliances for your home or business? At Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, we can install gas lines, barbecue grill boxes and much more.

Regardless of whether you bought a gas fireplace from a retailer, got a hand-me-down stove from a relative or decided to pamper yourself a little with the purchase of a gas pool heater, our team can make all of the necessary connections for you.

We can also set up your tank and fill it, in addition to installing a gas line, performing pressure tests and lighting pilot lights, if necessary.

Custom service in compliance with regulations

Our mission is to offer you high-quality professional service. That’s why we perform custom installations and hookups, while observing the strictest safety regulations in the industry. Setting up your propane tank and filling it will only take about 10 minutes. And depending on your installation needs, hooking everything up will take an hour or so. The final price will depend on your needs and the going market rates.

A dedicated team for you

Are you unsure of whether your appliances can be connected to a propane tank? Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants and technicians for additional information or to discuss the process. You’ll also be happy to know that we provide service throughout the greater metropolitan region.

At Pétrole & Propane Bélanger, we adapt to the realities of our clients and their locations in order to ensure that the installation is fully compliant.