Gas delivery service in Greater Montreal

camion Mazout

Pétrole & Propane Bélanger offers high quality gasoline and diesel designed to meet all our climatic conditions. We also sell ultra-low sulfur diesel for road vehicles such as automotive, large-capacity trucks and commercial trucks with diesel engines as required by federal legislation.

In recent years, all low-sulfur road-based diesel contain 15 ppm (parts per million) of sulfur, so it is cleaner and less polluting. We also offer coloured diesel which is used for certain machinery whose provincial tax charges is not applicable: agricultural equipment, generator, compressor and others.



Clear diesel:UBTS -25 and -40

Coloured diesel: UBTS -25 and -40

Fuel oil (heating oil): #1 and #2 seasonal

Gasoline: Octane rating

Ordinary Gasoline: 87

Intermediate Gasoline: 89

Super Gasoline: 91